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Diagnosing and Assessment for Violence and Mental Health

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Course Description:

This course will identify factors that increase risk of aggression and violent acting out behaviors in individuals diagnosed with a mental health disorder.  All disorders highlighted by the new DSM5, that correlate with a high risk of violence will be reviewed, including disorders that start in childhood and/or adolescence, which may vary over into adulthood. Also, identified will be biological, environmental, and psychosocial behavioral patterns that increase risk, plus explore the impact of co-occurring disorders on risk assessment.  Targeted collaborative treatment interventions responsive to different levels of risk, diagnosis, and developmental stages will be identified. 


  • Identify mental health disorders and co-occurring disorders using the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, fifth edition that pose a higher risk for aggression and violent behaviors.
  • Identify biological, environmental and psychosocial behavioral patterns that increase risk for violence.
  • Identify treatment interventions targeted to reduce or eliminate aggressive behaviors.


CE Hours:    6 (Diagnosing)
Third Party: $47.40 (Regularly $79.00)
Model: Diagnosing and Assessment for Violence and Mental Health